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Pat's Story



Pat is an intuitive, inspirational speaker, healer, spiritual teacher and an angel communicator who works with Archangel Michael and her angles and guides.


Pat's life was transformed after a visit from Mary, Mother of Jesus, in 1991. Several years after Mary’s visit, Pat's father and husband came down with cancer. Soon after, Pat's mother fell down a flight of stairs and remained in a coma until her death. Not knowing what to do, Pat turned to the one constant rock in her life... her Faith in God.


When she prayed, she surrendered her mind, body, soul and spirit, to the will of God knowing that he would guide her. Pat was assured that she would receive all the help and support needed. She would never regret the sacrifice she was being asked to make.


In 1998, Pat's father passed, seven months later her mother and the following year her husband and friend, Catherine. The devastation left and open wound in Pat's heart. There was emptiness in her life that was later filled with a miraculous

"Healing Ministry".


In 2004, Pat's hands were anointed by the Holy Spirit through Archangel Michael. She has seen many miracles since her anointing.


Pat's readings and healing sessions are overseen by Archangel Michael, the four Archangels,

( Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel) and the Ascended Masters ( Padre Pio and St. Germain. She also channels messages and healing (physical, emotional & spiritual) from Padre Pio and Blessed Mother Mary.



She is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizedek.




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