Archangel Raphael will take you on an inner journey to a portal/door on the other side. There he will talk with you and together you will discover the attachments/thing's that are

*holding you back from walking your path in life and living in Peace and/ or

*causing you physical, emotional or spiritual pain by discovering the fears that are causing the pain

Often times the cause is other people... relationship issues,
parents, siblings or past lives to certain relationship issues that have not been released. And now your soul is ready to release it NOW!

With the assistance of Pat, your angels and Archangel Raphael you will find the POWER to bring healing into the situation in a loving nurturing and caring manner and without judgement.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call Pat @ (717) 561-8045



* See testimonials below







 The chord cutting session was gentle yet powerful.  It felt like I was
shedding beliefs that no longer served me.  In the process leading up to
it, Pat had me journal about my fears and they were reviewed with AA
Raphael during the session.  This part of the process was so meaningful
because it helped me to know what I was ready to let go of.  As the days go
by I have felt renewed, and the physical issue I spoke of has gone to the
next level of healing.  Pat holds the space for this work to happen, as she
shines her loving kindness so brightly.  She is a wonderful conduit to the
angels and helps to bring through healing energy for all.    Gigi





In the new energy that we are experiencing, it is not easy to find words to describe that which is esoteric. At the soul level, our experience with the Divine is in codes of light for which there is no adequate vocabulary. With that caveat, I wish to attempt a testament to the Cord Cutting
Healing that I experienced with Pat Cassel, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael.
It afforded me an opportunity to excavate deep within my being to recognize and confront my fears. The archangels gently but firmly guided me to remain focused on the fears that were purely my own. After the cords to these fears were severed, I was cradled in love, light and affection.
In the days following, I gradually began to feel detached from the things that had caused me such anguish. I have begun to
feel a sense of freedom. I have a deep knowing that all is in Divine order and this knowing colors my world with a rainbow of unconditional love. Sarai 1/11/17




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